About me

About me smallHey I’m Nic. I’m a journalist by trade, traveller by heart.

I’m also a control freak. I make a plan to make a plan. I have more spreadsheets than I do underwear, and they are more suitably colour co-ordinated too.

Pilgrim with a plan is for all of us planners out there who love travel but struggle to “go with the flow”. Let’s share tips and experiences to help plan the perfect pilgrimage together.

P.S – The guy in some of my photos is Eamon, my man friend. He’ll pop up here and there, but it’s ok, he’s one of us, his spreadsheets have fancy formulas… so I keep him round.

P.P.S – If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you when looking at my older photos… they’re not – there used to be more of me to love. I enjoy eating, especially when I’m travelling (got to try everything right?)… However I’ve learnt to enjoy the gym recently too… life’s all about balance right?! 😉